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Our Philosophy




Our Team provides an open and welcoming environment by ensuring we are available, supportive, and responsive to the needs of our whānau. Working in partnership with whānau in the most respectful and considerate manner enables trusting, friendly, and reciprocal relationships to flourish.



We acknowledge that children learn through play, and we endeavour to foster a love of learning in all children by responding to learning opportunities and children’s interests as they arise. The Team respects and values children’s voices and experiences and supports their needs by providing a caring, collaborative, and inclusive learning environment.



As a team we are committed to the children's well being and development and we support each child’s unique set of capabilities through our programme planning, which encompasses all aspects of our curriculum, Te Whāriki, together with thorough assessment and evaluation procedures.



Our exceptional outdoor area enables us to provide a safe, equitable all year-round programme of physical activity, nature study and environmental awareness that supports and encourages children’s participation, contribution, and independence.



The Team honours, acknowledges, and is committed to New Zealand’s bi-cultural heritage. We have an open-door policy for all families in our diverse local and wider community, and all are welcomed, valued, and respected.



Our Centre’s excellent reputation for providing high quality care and education is maintained and enhanced through our team’s professionalism and commitment to ongoing learning and professional development.





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